Angry Whatsapp Status for Boss and Employee

Most of the times you get frustrated due to your Boss Aggression. Here are some Angry Status for Bosses you can take out your frustration. 

If you're finding the best status for an angry boss then you are at the right place to get all the WhatsApp status. 

Some of the Bosses are doing good for the employees and some of them just behave like you are like a donkey for them and they just want you to work for them like a Robot but you get a salary as small as your thumb… hehe oops. Let's back to the Topic

Angry Status on Boss

Angry Whatsapp Status for Boss and Employee
Angry Whatsapp Status for Boss and Employee

You are not my Boss, I'm my own Boss

I am not Perfect buy I am Limited Edition

My Boss had a horribly busy day converting oxygen to carbon dioxide

Accomplishing the impossible means only the boss will add it to your regular duties

Angry on your Boss - Helpless, Angry on your Employees - Boss

It's OK If your Boss Don't Like You not everybody has a Good Taste

Boss may be you sometime lose due to your booze

Boss is the driver of company and employees are his tyres

If Boss is Roza then Salary is your Iftaari

Sometime Boss is in angry mood just like my wife last night

Boss makes me angry sometime I feel like I should poke him on social media

Boss If you Don't havr Goals then you're not my type

I don't follow Boss I only Follow his fellow Orders

If I am Doraemon then Boss will be Nobita, Everytime he want new

If Boss is an Mobile them I am like an Charger to him

If your Boss wasn't angry at you then you are Lucky bro because most of the people get angry bosses with those big eyes.

So share the whatsapp status on boss as you will also be happy and all your frustration about the Boss will be out and you will feel good and relax. 

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So I hope that all the angry status on boss you all like those status and if you really like those. 

Then share this post with your other employees as well. You know na sharing is caring. 

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